Hello my friends. My name is Marshall Ryals and a person that knows this world can be better with a lot of more giving and positivity.  I am fundraising so that all kids can have school supplies and soccer balls in this world. Giving them help when no one or not many will. Kids that do not have money or access to them like we do.

I grew up very poor in the southwest United States.  Teachers, coaches and other parents supported me through my journey. These amazing people gave me school supplies, advice and sport equipment. Allowing me to dream and aspire growing up to be something better. This support kept me from a more troubled life. Because of this help, I have been in the military, a volunteer teacher in Thailand, a university graduate, a world traveler, a world class athlete, a coach, a volunteer in many areas, a husband and a stay-at-home awesome dad to two young girls. Now I am divorced and starting my next chapter of life. 

I started giving school supplies in 2009 in Namibia. I only brought a little on that trip. The following year in Guyana I brought a couple more school supplies and gave money. Each trip bringing more supplies and after each trip wishing I would have done more. I have now been bringing an extra bag with me full of school supplies, soccer balls, teddy bears and a couple of other things every trip I am in an area like these. I try to make sure to give to several schools or villages each time. I will also hand out some soccer balls, pumps, teddy bears and dolls along the way too. 

All the places I have bought and brought supplies for are in real need of them. They do not have money or access to them. You cannot ship anything to them in these areas. These places don’t have computers, amazon delivery or the like. Many of the communities don’t have transportation and the kids are seeing a foreigner for the first time. The government does not help as well. 

Every place, school official, guide, parent and kid have been so happy to receive what little I brought. Seeing these peoples faces, especially the kids, knowing that someone else cares about them are priceless. Getting things, like just an eraser, that they sometimes share between many other students. Villages with soccer goals but no soccer balls or pumps. Everyone else so thankful for the help, support and love for their community and culture.  Always wondering why, I do this. I do it because it is human. I believe in the power of love, giving, mindfulness and positivity. 

My goal is 25,000 dollars with a broader goal of much more to help everyone I can. I will buy most of my supplies from amazon. My daughters have been giving me their teddy bears and dolls the last couple trips. Saying please give this to kids who does not have a toy. I have a big box already from them. I have asked several places in my community if I could put up donations bins for this and have been told yes. I will also use the money for paying for extra bags on the airplane, taxi’s, my Peru friends help, places to stay, money donations to the schools and other things that come up. I think this amount could get me a several trips. 

I will start in Peru with the quechua and local people there. As when I was there, I had this deep connection to the people there. This is just a starting point with hoping it goes beyond oceans and boarders. Any money you can give is beyond awesome and if you could share this with others please do.  On this site is a lot more details about me, where I have donated already, why I choose Peru to start, pictures, videos and more.  Just click on the pictures or go to the about me section right under the logo.  I will give up to date information on the trips in the future and places I visit with pictures, videos and stories. It will be on Facebook as well. This will be while I am there if there is internet. Which I know will not be the case in some areas.

The first trip is going to be on March 5th.  Thank you so much for just checking out this site and hope you can help.

Locations I’ve Helped